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Watashi wa ima nihongo wo benkyo shiteimasu.

Way way!

I need to write more. I need to get back into the swing of things. I've been nerding it up so hard. Here is my mini-life update.

-I have been dating Beth, the silly (albeit space-cadet) little miette of a girl for the past 5+ years.
-I am living with 3 cats at the moment, and since I last wrote in here 2 have passed away before we had these cherubs. One was FIV positive and the other developed kidney issues that deteriorated his health within a few days.
-I no longer live in Brooklyn, although I miss it terribly. I am in NJ living in the upstairs of my girlfriend's house while we save money.
-I work for a Best Western hotel now. I'm finally in a management position. The pay isn't ace but it's enough to get by. I'm grateful to have been here for give-or-take 4 years (wow it's been such a long time!) and this shit never ceases to throw something crazy at me on a daily basis.
-Due to the aforementioned job, my social life has flatlined. I haven't been to a party/rave/etc in a long time.
-I don't do nearly as many drugs as I used to. (Pretty much just adderall/vicodin/weed) I don't object in the slightest- they're just not nearly as accessible or able to be worked into my hectic schedule. I only occasionally drink. My days of being a daily lush seem to have ended, although my penchant for Jagermeister will never die!
-Most of my time is spent playing video games, especially portables due to the random blips of free time life awards me. I also run a FFXIV Free Company that is my lil' baby. (Mayhem! on the Coeurl server!) This takes up a lot of my time too, but I do thoroughly enjoy it.
-I finally took the initiative to start learning Japanese. I started self-teaching and it's going well. I'm learning particles and trying to find more social resources with which to practice.
-I am friends with a boy that makes my inner heterosexual preen like a peacock. I call him birdie and he is an absolute delight.
-I have been more of a shut-in, less of an optimist. I'd like to regain the spark for life and half-full attitude that I see in my old posts. I would like to blame getting older, but I think that's just a scapegoat for my newfound inability to handle stress and spontaneous life-stuffs. Blah.

Ch33rs to updates. Ch33rs to new adventures, life changes and more prattling and updates as they come in.

I miss you, spacecats. <3
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